About Us

Mission Statement:

Lynn Dairy & Lynn Proteins is a food processing company dedicated to manufacturing high quality cheese and whey products for our customers. We also maintain a friendly, fair and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas and hard work.


 Lynn Dairy, Inc.

Walter Schwantes purchased Lynn Dairy in 1949. At that time, the plant had a daily intake of 13,000 pounds of raw milk and a daily production of 1,300 pounds of cheese. In 1956, William W. Schwantes became president of the company upon the death of his father.

Many changes in the dairy industry, including the incorporation of bulk milk tanks on the farms, gave the opportunity for the dairy farmers to increase their production. Competitive milk pricing enabled Lynn Dairy to grow with the times. William L. Schwantes assumed responsibility as company president after the retirement of his father in 1985. Working under the third generation of the family name, Lynn Dairy continued expanding and increasing production.

Lynn Dairy now brings in around 1,700,000 pounds of milk a day and cheese production is around 170,000 pounds per day. Lynn Dairy has won numerous awards over the years because of their top quality and flavor. Lynn Dairy continuously tries to improve their products and make changes when necessary. There are over twenty different flavors of cheese available from Lynn Dairy, with more coming. This family owned company takes time to care for their customers and prides themselves on their hard-work and dedication to the industry.




Lynn Proteins, Inc.

In 1971, Frank Thomas and William W. Schwantes pioneered the whey protein industry. They built Lynn Proteins as a joint venture designed to remove protein from whey. Lactose production began in early 1979 and deproteinized whey production began in April 2003.

Lynn Proteins purchases whey for processing from dairy plants throughout the state of Wisconsin, manufacturing Whey Protein Concentrate, Deproteinized Whey and Lactose. All of our finished products are manufactured and approved for human consumption. Lynn Proteins has continued to enjoy the same steady growth as Lynn Dairy.



The products that are produced here are sold globally. Our bulk customers have a wide variety of uses for the powders and cheeses that are created here. But we also have a large assortment available for retail purchase. Lynn Dairy & Lynn Proteins have an extensive team that keeps all of the products safe and clean. Lynn Dairy & Lynn Proteins are a big advocate for the local community and supporting local businesses and dairy farmers. This unique relationship between the community and Lynn Dairy is something that gives us extra purpose and determination to strive to be the best that we can.