Safe Quality Food (SQF)

Safe Quality Foods (SQF)

Lynn Dairy, Inc. has implemented rigorous food safety and quality systems to ensure that all products leaving our facility are of the high quality and safe to eat. Quality and food safety is taken seriously at Lynn Dairy and has been the foundation of our manufacturing process since 1949.  To verify our commitment to food safety and quality , we have embraced Safe Quality Food (SQF) to be in compliance with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI).

Global Food Safety Initiative

What is GFSI?

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is a nonprofit organization with the goal of improving food safety and food security management systems.  Their work involves developing benchmarks for the process used to establish a food safety management program and the guidelines to maintain it.  SQF is one of the programs that meet GFSI requirements.

What is SQF?

The Safe Quality Food Program (SQF) provides certification that guarantees the food has been manufacturing in accordance with food safety best practices and meets all established requirements.  The program has specific standards that must be met to achieve certification. 

What Does SQF Do?

Verifies our processes keep food safe

Promotes continuous improvement

Ensures our written policies and procedures meet or exceed requirements

Provides confirmation that our products have been produced, prepared and handled according to the highest food safety standards.

Our Customers

What does this mean for Lynn Dairy customers?

Having SQF certification provides confirmation that our products are produced under the highest food safety and quality standards.