Lynn Proteins

Lynn Proteins specializes in the producing Dry Dairy powders. The factory produces Lactose, Deproteinized Whey and Whey Protein Concentrate. The majority of our products are sold in full 44,000 lbs. truckloads, however smaller quantities can be ordered. 


Lactose is the natural sugar that is found in milk. Edible lactose powder can be found in baby formula, is used as coating for pharmaceutical tablets, used as a filler in a lot of baked goods, and is even used during the brewing process of beer.

Lynn Proteins offers 80 mesh or unground lactose in 25kgs bags or 2200 lbs. Totes. 

Whey Protein Concentrate

Lynn Proteins produces different types of WPC (Whey Protein Concentrate). We offer high protein 80%, high protein agglomerated 80% and low protein 34% powders. The high protein products are primarily used in dietary supplements and baking applications. Low protein powders are also used for the same applications as the high protein powders; however more 34% protein is used for animal feed use.

We offer WPC powder in 44 lbs. bags and smaller 5lb and 2lbs. bags. 

Deproteinized Whey/ Whey Permeate

Deprotienized Whey or Whey permeate is primarily used in animal feed. It has a lower percentage of lactose making the flavor blander. The color is primarily yellow to yellow brown. Other uses are in spices and baking applications as a way to enhance the end products color.

We offer this product in 25kgs (55.115lbs.) bags or in 2200lbs totes.