Muenster Cheese
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Muenster Cheese

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Muenster has an orange surface with a creamy white interior. The texture is semi-soft and smooth. Muenster cheese is savory and gets creamier with age.


Muenster can be used on sandwiches, pizzas and casseroles. It pairs well with fruity wine, beer, grapes, whole-grain breads and also crackers, mustard, sausage and pickles.


The origin of Muenster cheese is unclear, some say France and others say Germany. In Wisconsin, Muenster was among the first semi-soft cheeses that European immigrants made in the late 1800’s, and Americans quickly developed a taste for it. Wisconsin Muenster tastes milder than some of its European counterparts. The firmer texture of the Wisconsin version helped it gain popularity as a slicing cheese for sandwiches.